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Use Your iPad To Become The Most Productive Business Professional

Laptops continue to become more compact, yet powerful. The iPad is a popular tablet that most people use or have readily available in the office.

How to Become a Professional Minimalist

If you would like to reduce clutter in your life, become that professional minimalist you’ve always wanted to be; this how-to will guide you through organising your desk, computer and show you the latest minimalistic laptop bags for your professional needs.

Planes, trains and automobiles: the importance of privacy and data security

The fact is that 'shoulder-surfing' or 'visual hacking' is a threat to organisational data that is just as serious as any other, and not one to be ...

Care About Security? Update Your Platform Now!

Thee DocKtor is very often offered insight into the practices of many IT departments, sometimes more than he wants to realise.  One issue that comes up too often at large enterprises, single consumers and even government docking station users is that their platforms are woefully in need of maintenance; maintenance per the manufacturers’ recommendations.

How businesses can avoid the ‘digital deadlock’, drive productivity and engage workforces

With working environments constantly adapting to maximise the benefits of new technologies, more and more organisations are in the process of digit...

Breaking Down USB Type-C Confusion

Thee DocKtor shares his thoughts about USB Type-C in an attempt to provide Type-Clarity to the Type-Confusion.

Cables Count

A friendly reminder from your neighbourhood DocKtor. Please use the cables that come with your Targus Docking Station to connect between the dock a...

Annoying Black Bars with 32-Bit Office

Sometimes Office does not render completely, and large sections of the screen appear blacked out as shown below.

Case Study: Financial Services Compensation Scheme deploys Targus technology to underpin workplace transformation

    The FSCS protects customers when authorised financial services firms fail, providing a safeguard for the public who maybe left in arrears becau...
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