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Field-Ready Tablet Cases

Tablet Holsters from Targus

The ideal accessory for retail, sales, and other industry branches that need constant contact with tablets is not a USB cord, screen protector, or battery pack. Actually, the perfect choice for those who require constant use of their tablet is a tablet holster. Keep your tech always at your side with a tablet hip holster that conveniently sits on your belt.

Targus Selection

Targus has a variety of field-ready tablet holsters to fit your every need. Whether you’re searching for something with advanced Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) for extra side and corner protection or you need a case that holds your tablet in the perfect position (portrait or landscape mode), we have what you need to streamline your workday.

Explore our selection of holsters to discover ones that fit every device. Our cases range in size from five to eight inches and offer sturdy, rugged exteriors for comprehensive device protection. We even offer some tablet holsters that come with additional compartments for your phone, wires, and styli.

Guaranteed Quality

At Targus, we strive to anticipate your needs when it comes to all the elements of technology. We don’t just craft convenient and ergonomic accessories like these tablet hip holsters — we also incorporate eco-friendly materials into our designs. Explore a brand that has the innovative ideas and practical know-how to create effective protective cases and streamlined, attractive styles for everything from your laptop and tablet.