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Dual Monitor Docking Stations

A dual monitor docking station gives you the ultimate vantage point when you’re working on your PC or laptop. Maximise your available space and simplify multitasking operations by organising your windows according to your needs.

Targus carries a wide range of dual monitor docking stations. Find a model with all the ports you need, including HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, USB-C, DVI and even Thunderbolt™ 3.

Some of our our docking stations are even 4K-friendly. Graphic designers, CAD designers and photo editors are among the professionals who will appreciate the speed and resolution that only 4K docking stations can provide.

Additional Features Available in Our Dual Monitor Docking Stations

Here are just some of the additional features that you may require:

Power Delivery: Our inventory includes power delivery docking stations, so you can connect and power your laptop even when there are no spare electrical sockets for it.

Integrated Lock Slots: Some of our docking stations include an integrated lock slot, so you can keep your docking station secure with a suitable cable lock.

Ergonomic Design: Our ergonomically designed docking stations are specially designed to promote comfortable typing angles and passive cooling.

With a dual monitor docking station, you can expand the capabilities of your laptop or PC and improve your productivity. Most even include a limited warranty. Browse our full selection.

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