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Why Buy a Targus Backpack?

Laptop Travel Backpack

Targus strives to deliver professional backpacks created for everything from work or school to travel and commuting. Whether you prefer minimalist lightweight models or rugged, weather proofed designs, our laptop travel bags offer you better protection and ultimate comfort. With a number of colors, styles and features, there’s something for everyone in Targus. Discover the perfect bag for your needs when you sort by style, color, capacity and more.

Built to Last

Because of our unique designs and cutting edge specifications, we offer an industry-leading warranty that comes standard with every one of our laptop bags. Modern design and rigorous quality testing ensure we’re proud to put our reputation on the line for each of our bags.

More Protection for Your Tech

For those who are always on the go, you can rest easy knowing your laptops and tablets are completely protected on crammed buses, in jostling crowds and during airport security screenings. Military drop ratings and reinforced construction guarantee your tech is safe from everyday bumps or drops. Find additional protection for work with tablet cases.

Comfort and Style

While we care about security and protection, Targus also makes it a point to design for people. We want you to carry a laptop travel backpack that actually looks stylish. We blend form and function to make beautiful bags that are easy to carry all day long. Contoured shoulder straps, mesh back panels and high-quality materials in contemporary color palettes come together to create a laptop bookbag you can’t resist.

Our Bags Fit You and Your Needs

Each of our bags is intelligently designed with you in mind. We’re here to provide you with more convenience, organization, and security than ever before. Explore all our laptop bag options to discover targeted solutions that fit your life. Browse adjustable straps, lockable zippers, extra pockets, and much more in our collection today.