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As much as the workplace has changed, with flex-work stations becoming more and more prevalent, few foresaw the transfer to the home as a main workspace. Some workers and businesses were well-equipped for the changes 2020 brought, while others were caught completely off-guard. Changing your work from home setup to handle the bulk of your workflow and utilising your accessories to streamline your home office can make for a seamless transition to working at home.

Working From Home, Like a Pro

The modern workplace has become more mobile and, more recently, mobility has been prized over connectivity as workstations have migrated to home offices. Home office computers now benefit from accessories that go beyond your laptop or desktop:

Set Up for Success

The ideal work from home setup matches the constraints of an effective office: optimised for workflow, built for efficiency, and minimising distraction. A powerful home office computer with a solid-state hard drive, full AMD processor, and true-colour display is a great start. More importantly, though, a work from home station is an easy transition between mobile and stationary. To create the ideal work from home setup for you, we invite you to browse our full selection of devices and accessories at Targus.