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About The Urban Collection

During your busy back-and-forth commute each day, you need to carry your laptop and other devices in a laptop commuter bag that’s durable, well-made, and well-designed. With the right laptop bag for work, you can commute to your job without concern that your laptop will be damaged on your way to work. Fortunately, you can find just what you’re looking for at Targus.

On-Point but Practical

Why not select a laptop bag for work that speaks to your style while still fulfilling a practical function? The modern design of the bags in the Urban collection ticks all the boxes in that regard. These beautifully crafted bags are chic but utilitarian enough to suit everyone’s tastes, and it’s impossible to go wrong with black or grey. As for the silhouette, the collection contains snug-fitting backpacks that evenly distribute weight and versatile convertible bags that transition from backpack to messenger bag to briefcase, depending on what works for you.

Commuter Convenience

Do you regularly commute to school instead of work? Or perhaps you travel regularly and like to bring your personal laptop along for the journey. No matter your reason for travel, our laptop commuter bags are a must. These bags are crafted with durable, high-quality materials made to hold up to the daily grind. Not only will a laptop or messenger bag for work make your commute easier and more organized, but your tech will be safely protected.