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Ron DeCamp: The Technological Maverick of Targus Talks CES 2019

December 13, 18 - Posted in:
Ron DeCamp: The Technological Maverick of Targus Talks CES 2019

Dive into the groundbreaking tech world of Targus and learn about our presence at CES 2019.

Technology is ever-changing, and Targus is pushing the boundaries even further with innovative, first of its kind tech. Ron DeCamp, the Vice President of Global Product Management and Development at Targus, recently provided a glimpse at what he and his team have been working on and what to expect at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

This year there has been a lot of preparation within the company for CES 2019. Can you give some insight into the magnitude of this show and the significance of Targus being present?

For Targus, CES 2019 will be a massive event. This is the first time, in the 12+ years that I’ve been at Targus, where we are exhibiting on the show floor. We’ve always attended CES but typically only in offsite meeting suites. This year, having celebrated our 35th anniversary, we decided to change it up and use this platform as a way to relaunch Targus to our customers and showcase all of the great products and solutions we have in the market.

Your department recently launched the first ever quad docking station, which has been selected as a CES 2019 Innovations Awards Honoree in the Computer Peripherals category. Can you please tell me more about how the DOCK520 works and how you feel this dock changes the technology industry?

Absolutely! First off, it’s an honour to get recognised for the work that we do and especially by a well-respected industry organisation. At Targus, I have a great team and they did a fantastic job identifying a real market need and they developed a solution that solves our customers’ problems. This docking station is the first of its kind that can support four external displays, out of the box, when connected to a standard business laptop or tablet. Prior to this launch, you could only connect this many displays by using multiple video adapters, connected to a docking station. This gets cluttered and difficult to manage for many IT departments. We’ve eliminated these pain points and helped make users more productive and efficient in their everyday tasks. This product is ideal for trading floors or customer service applications where users need numerous displays to manage and view a lot of information simultaneously.

Where do you see the future of technology headed for your department and Targus?

I mentioned earlier that we’ve recently celebrated our 35th anniversary and many people may know us through our heritage laptop case business. That said, it may come as a surprise that our technology products are actually the biggest portion of our business, globally. Our purpose is to support and inspire people every day. People who want and need to stay connected, so they can experience and accomplish more. To do so, I believe that staying on the front-end of technology evolution is critical. We are constantly looking at new, emerging technologies so we can identify, develop and offer the best solutions for our customers.

How do you find inspiration to keep innovating?

Honestly, I think I’m just wired that way. I can’t help but look at things every day and see ways to make it better. It doesn’t matter whether it’s travel, work or food-related, in my mind, it can always be improved. Technology often makes this possible and I try to instill this way of thinking into each and every one of my team members.

How do you stay ahead of the technological race?

First and foremost, it’s about having an insatiable appetite to learn and make a difference. Second, we’re out there everyday meeting with cutting-edge technology companies, industry leaders and product innovators to learn about how their ideas can help us solve problems for our customers. In my mind, these two things are critical to Targus staying ahead.

What should everyone keep an eye out for at CES? What innovative technology are we going to be privy to by visiting the Targus booth?

We’re really excited to launch our first IoT enabled platform which helps our enterprise customers understand and manage their workspaces along with the technology products within them. Come by our booth to understand how it can help you and your company.

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