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Use Your iPad To Become The Most Productive Business Professional

November 01, 18 - Posted in:
Use Your iPad To Become The Most Productive Business Professional

Ways to be more productive on your Apple iPad.

Your tablet will never become a laptop, but you can get exceptionally close.

Laptops, continue to become more compact, yet powerful. The iPad is a popular tablet that most people use or have readily available in the office. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to maximise your productivity on this small and mighty tablet. Below you will discover the best ways to utilise your iPad daily and the most efficient rotating or rugged iPad cases for your needs.

Apple iPad Productivity Anywhere

Your iPad as an Additional Monitor

Your iPad can double up as a second monitor and this is a phenomenal feature when you’re out of the office! If you’re at a sales conference, airport or networking event, there will always be downtime, enough downtime to get some work done, because we all know that business never sleeps. Once you find that perfect seat next to a power outlet, instead of working off one laptop screen, connect your iPad for enhanced productivity on the go! There are a few ways to go about this dual display, look at the best option here.

Use Web Apps in Your Browser

When you think of an iPad, apps are one of the first thoughts that come to mind, because there are so many incredible ones to download. When it comes to being more productive, using the web browser is your best bet. Apps like Microsoft Word are great, but the web version on an iPad offers you a wider array of formatting options in the toolbar and less menus to tap through.

You’ll have to request the desktop version of the site. Your iPad will typically direct you to the App Store, much like an iPhone when you try to visit a website. Use your browsers “Request Desktop Version” to have what is closest to laptop experience on an iPad.

Working on an iPad everywhere

Take Your Work Anywhere

Use your iPad wherever you are with extreme case protection. You can be productive by browsing your email inbox, checking your stocks, monitoring the status of your website, or troubleshooting a problem on the deck of a yacht or at a trade show because these cases give you the freedom to work in everchanging elements. Whatever urban or rural environment you are in your iPad can be by your side.

Durable iPad Case

Multitask by Using A Split View

One screen with the ability to run two apps simultaneously, that is an amazing way to productively work while on the go! You will become a pro at multitasking.

Must Download App to Stay Productive

When you’re on the go or in the office, time is of the essence. Time is intangible and something nobody ever gets back, make the most of your time! Download the Focus Keeper App, it is specifically designed to make your life more productive while preventing daily burn out. Focus Keeper is a pomodoro timer for your iPad. So, what is a pomodoro timer? Each 25-minute work block is called a pomodoro, after that block of time, you get a 5-minute break. Frequent breaks prevent burnout and keep your mind fresh. Forced time blocks essentially train you to adhere to time constraints while encouraging you to complete tasks quickly.
Of course, you can adjust the blocks of time for your needs, but here is the basic idea of the pomodoro method.
  1. Start a timer for 25-minutes.
  2. Work until the timer goes off.
  3. Take a short break, about 5-minutes.
  4. For every 4 pomodoros, take a longer break, typically 20-30 minutes.


Now you’re all set to take your iPad everywhere, there is nothing stopping you from being productive. Show us your productivity on the go by tagging us on Instagram or Twitter.

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