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The Optimum Work from Home Set-Up

September 23, 20
The Optimum Work from Home Set-Up

Top 7 items you need to create a productive home office.

During the global pandemic, working at home continues to be the safest, smartest option for most office workers. The continuing need to stay safe, means the home office is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must have. Here are the 7 items to build the best home office set-up.

1. Additional Computer Monitors

You can choose to have one, two or even four additional screens to connect your laptop. Having multiple screens helps boost comfort and productivity so that you don’t have to keep minimising windows; you can see multiple browser windows at one time; reduce errors and increase efficiency. Once you add additional screens, it’s hard to go back.

2. Docking Station

To quickly go from a laptop to a multi-display set-up a docking station is the best tool. With a Universal Docking Station you can easily connect additional screens, charge your laptop, connect speakers, and so much more while plugging in only one cable to your laptop. Power your productivity with a universal docking station on your home office desk.

3. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Laptops come with a built-in keyboard and touchpad, but for a functionable home office desk nothing compares to a wireless mouse and keyboard for maximum efficiency. With a separate mouse and keyboard, you can utilise your additional monitors to their potential because you aren’t relying on your laptop to type and navigate your computer. Going wireless also helps you to create a safer work environment because you’re eliminating additional cables that could be a tripping hazard.


4. Power Supply

Power outages are unpredictable and can cause delays in your productivity. A power outage could be detrimental if you aren’t able to properly save your material and shut down your device. An uninterrupted power supply is a backup battery system that will keep your home office running for a short period of time. In that allotted time, you might not be able to complete your tasks, but you will have enough power to save all documents and safely shut down your devices. The Targus SmartSurge Plus Surge Protector includes 4 standard outlets and 2 USB ports (USB-A and USB-C), conveniently powers and protects your electronics against overcharging.

5. Cable Organisers

Your home office will have a lot of cables, after all you have additional monitors, a docking station, laptop, phone charger and accessories on your desk. It’s important to maintain a trip-free zone for your home office, more accidents happen at home than anywhere else, you can create a safe environment by reducing the risk of falling or tripping on loose cables. Since you can’t cut the cables, hide loose electronic cables to ensure your home office is a safe place for you to work.

6. Storage

When you walk into any office you will find business cards, paper, pens, stationary and other miscellaneous items, you’re most likely going to have these items in your home office as well. Storage containers are a must if you want to stay organised. You can enhance your home office with a file storage container, wall shelves, storage cart or drawer organisers, this is completely customisable and will help you stay organised.

7. Connectivity on the go

Sometimes you may still need to run into offices or other places for work. Enhance your productivity and connect to more with multi-ports hubs or adaptersConnect your USB-C-enabled devices to a single HDMI display, while also plugging in your key peripherals. You can even keep your laptop charged or hosted simply by connecting the laptop’s power adapter into the USB-C port. Slim and light, these hubs and adapters is perfect for the home, office or anywhere in between. 

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