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Case Study: Privacy Screens To Ensure HIPPA Compliance

September 09, 20
Case Study: Privacy Screens To Ensure HIPPA Compliance

When a non-profit healthcare system wanted to refresh over 10,000 monitors, they looked to Targus to support their initiative. The team at Targus came through with privacy screens that helped their employees comply with HIPAA regulations while improving ergonomics, minimizing eye strain with blue light filters, and offering better viewing clarity.

The Customer: Non-profit Healthcare System 

The client is a non-profit healthcare system serving the California market with five hospitals and 19 outpatient facilities. The healthcare system treats over 500,000 patients annually through a network of over 3,000 affiliated physicians and 15,000 employees. The group provides integrated health services with specialists from more than 60 medical and surgical specialties.

The Project: 10,000 Monitor Refresh with HIPAA Requirements for Privacy Screens 

The client was going through a monitor refresh that would replace 10,000 outdated monitors. As with any healthcare company, the client needed to stay HIPAA compliant. Privacy screens were required for each new monitor to ensure that confidential patient information was protected. Per HIPAA, any monitor that may be in view of the public would require a privacy screen.

The Solution: Privacy Screen for 24” Monitors 

The Targus team worked with the client on their needs and recommended the 4Vu™ Privacy Screen for 24” Widescreen Monitors which could provide the protection needed to comply with HIPAA regulation, given the 30° viewing angles from either side. Engineers rigorously tested the screens and approved them as the company’s new standard with a 1:1 roll-out.

Why They Chose Targus: Service and Support 

The company was exploring several solutions including two of the leading privacy screen competitors. While the price point of one competitor was appealing, the client’s internal team was ultimately more impressed with the level of service and support from the team at Targus. They chose to work with Targus to receive superior one-on-one support for their IT team and a more consultative approach.

The Outcome: Meeting Compliance Requirements while Improving Ergonomics 

The client was satisfied with the ease of application and superior protection offered by the Targus screens. During the roll-out of the privacy screens, the Targus team collaborated closely with the client team to ensure a smooth transition. 

Since the initial pilot, the healthcare system has purchased 10,000 units over two years. They have maintained HIPAA compliance and supported company goals during the refresh while receiving superior service.  

Additionally, employees appreciated the blue light filtering that minimizes eye strain, as well as the 12% brighter view that increases clarity and visibility. For a healthcare system, this ergonomic advantage is helpful to employee wellness.

Targus Privacy Screens come in sizes ranging from 9.7"-30.0".  

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