DEFCON® SCL (Serialized Cable Lock) (Black)

Model Number: PA410SB

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  • Combination - Security mechanism is locked and unlocked using a preset combination.
  • Deterrent - Kevlar reinforced cable offers greater resistance to the more determined thief.
  • Lock Slot - Lock attaches to your laptop using the rectangular Lock Slot (standard on all laptops); impeding theft and acting as a great deterrent.
  • Easily attaches to a laptop equipped with a lock slot
  • Includes security base plate anchor for additional locking solutions
  • Similar to the PA410U, but serialized (has serial numbers on it) with a pre-set 4 digit combination and is sold in single units by custom order
  • 6.5feet of galvanized, vinyl-coated steel cable
  • Spacing washers for a tighter fit - for units with various slot depths
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The Targus DEFCON® SCL (Serialized Cable Lock) is a serialized lock with a pre-set combination. This Targus laptop security product finally provides a computer security solution for complete asset protection. The Targus DEFCON Serialized Cable Lock (SCL) is 6.5 feet of cut-resistant, galvanized steel cable that loops around any secure object and easily attaches to your laptop computer's lock slot. Our DEFCON SCL features a pre-set combination lock in which your IT Manager has access to all combinations via a secure password protected web site. The DEFCON SCL is the first laptop computer security product to offer the benefits and convenience of a keyless security solution.

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