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The 4Vu™ Privacy Screen is designed to fit 20” widescreen LCD monitors with 16:9 ratio

screens. To protect your information, tiny vertical blinds on the surface of the privacy screen
narrow the viewing angle so data is only visible directly in front of the monitor up to 30° away
from the center of the screen. Onlookers will only see a dark unclear screen when attempting
to view the information from a side angle. In addition to providing security, the screen also
blocks the glare to help reduce eye strain.
The 4Vu Privacy Screen can be easily attached by using clear adhesive strips designed for LCD

ASF20W9USZ _4Vu Privacy Screen for 20” Widescreen Monitors (16:9) 11/19/2019
filters or with the included tab guides that stick to the edge of the LCD bezel to hold the screen
in place. Users can also position the tabs so the screen easily slides on and off. Highly portable
and easy to use, the 4Vu Privacy Screen prevents onlookers from seeing valuable information
often viewed on a LCD monitor.

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