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DisplayLink Releases v.10.1M2 for Windows

September 14, 21
DisplayLink Releases v.10.1M2 for Windows

DisplayLink announced v.10.1M2 for Windows is now available.

Using this version of the software should work, but Targus has not fully validated this release with all Targus Universal Docking Stations or Targus Universal Docking Station Utilities. Users of Targus Audio/Video Configuration Utility should be especially vigilant in validating this release in their environment.

Because this release fixes issues discovered with 11th Generation Intel Graphics Drivers, see previous Tech Talk blog post discussing this. It is planned to this 10.1M2 for distribution on Windows Update for Targus Universal Docking Stations and Targus will be providing .MSI/.INF files for it.

New features

  • DisplayLink Graphics update for DL-6000 Series improves 4K video playback and video conferencing performance when your system resources are taxed.

Issues fixed since 10.1 M0 Release

  • DL-6xxx: fixed issue with Intel driver xx.yy.100.9458-9466 for Intel 11th generation GPUs
  • DL-6xxx: fixed available resolution list on Dell U4021QW monitor
  • DL-6xxx: extended color depth offered on DisplayPort at 640x480

Issues fixed since 10.1 M1 Release

  • Added Windows 11 support. AMD64/ARM64 drivers are Windows 11 certified (WHCP/WHQL)
  • DisplayLink Manager universal app is now offered for free installation from the Microsoft Store to replace old system tray icon (on generic setup.exe only)
  • DL-6xxx: dragging Netflix across monitor edge could have caused monitor to blink (33037)
  • DL-6xxx: improved monitor interoperability (Dell U3421WE, P2721Q, U4919DW & 5K) (32924, 32942, 33061)

The full release notes are here.


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