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June 21, 23

LAS VEGAS (CES®) – Jan 3, 2023 – Targus®, a leader in laptop cases and mobile computing accessories, announced it has expanded its EcoSmart Collection to its tech accessories category in partnership with Atmosic™ Technologies, innovators in low-power wireless and battery-free IoT solutions. The Collection features two premium full-sized keyboards and an ergonomic, ambidextrous mouse slated to arrive in early 2023. 

The new sustainable tech accessories comprise up to 85 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) ABS plastic, come in packaging made from recycled materials, and use ultra-low-power Bluetooth® technology from Atmosic Technologies to reduce power consumption and extend battery life. As an added bonus, they include Targus’ DefenseGuard™ Antimicrobial Protection, which creates a cleaner surface and works continuously to protect the device by preventing the growth of microorganisms. 

“Our new EcoSmart tech accessories are designed from the ground up to embody sustainability, while providing superior ergonomic and user-friendly benefits that are important to today’s consumers,” says Mike Sexton, Senior Director of Global Product Management & Development at Targus. “What makes these products so innovative is that they are premium tech accessories designed for power users that simultaneously deliver on sustainability.” 

Nick Dutton, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Atmosic Technologies adds, “We are proud to equip Targus’ EcoSmart tech accessories with our ultra-low-power Bluetooth technology that significantly extend their battery life while reducing power consumption and a need to replace batteries that harm the environment when discarded.”  

More About the Collection 
The Targus Energy Harvesting EcoSmart™ Keyboard is designed for power users and simultaneously delivers on sustainability. Named a CES® 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree, this patent-pending, sustainable keyboard combines advanced energy harvesting solar technology with post-consumer recycled materials and ultra-low-power Bluetooth technology in sustainable packaging. 

It is primarily powered by advanced amorphous silicon photovoltaic cells and uses the Atmosic ATM3 Series Bluetooth SoC. The photovoltaic cells used are optimized to harvest light from indoor lighting. The ATM3 series integrates advanced power management technology and has extremely low-power capabilities, making it three-to-four times more power efficient than any other Bluetooth solution on the market.   

The keyboard’s streamlined design features a backlit 104-key keypad and multi-device plug-and-play compatibility to provide superior functionality and a comfortable typing experience.  

The Targus Sustainable Ergonomic EcoSmart Keyboard combines sustainability benefits with a superior ergonomic design to deliver an easy and comfortable typing experience, while leveraging recycled materials to help protect our planet.   

This ergonomic, full-sized, lightweight keyboard packs a lot of power with its ultra-low-power Bluetooth technology, 104-key keypad, and multi-device plug-and-play compatibility. 

Lastly, Targus has created an Ergonomic Ambidextrous EcoSmart Mouse, which is uniquely designed for superior ergonomics and true ambidextrous use. Its innovative, patent-pending six-button ergonomic ambidextrous design works by allowing the user to lift up the top and rotate it 180 degrees to easily convert it from a right- to left-handed mouse. 

Delivering gaming-level performance and precision, it comes equipped with a high-performance 4000 DPI Pixart PAW3220DB Bluetrace LED optical sensor to provide a high level of precision on almost any surface. 

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