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Tips for Choosing the Right Protective Laptop Sleeve

September 06, 21
Tips for Choosing the Right Protective Laptop Sleeve

Whether you need to be able to work on the go or you’re a busy student making regular trips to class or the library, you’d likely choose a laptop over a desktop computer because of the portability factor. You’ve entrusted your laptop to protect your most important documents and files — but what’s protecting the device itself? 

Safeguarding your laptop against the elements is essential, but choosing the right protective laptop sleeve can be an art all its own. To help you discover the optimal laptop sleeve for your device, we’ve put together this quick guide with a few key tips.

Is a Laptop Sleeve Necessary?

It may sound silly at first, but the first step to finding the right protective laptop sleeve is to determine whether or not you actually need one. Laptop sleeves are a good idea if any of the following is true: 

  • The device is not something you can or want to replace in the near future.
  • The contents of the device would be difficult to replace if the laptop was damaged.
  • The laptop is at any point likely to be exposed to weather, jostling, or the potential to be dropped.
  • The laptop is not always located in a designated area, such as a computer desk.

How to Choose the Right Protective Laptop Sleeve for You

Laptop devices can vary widely, which means it’s crucial to consider a few key factors: 

    • What is the laptop model or size?

      Laptops are available in a wide variety of screen sizes. You obviously want to avoid something too small, but you should also skip over the sleeves that are too large for your device. The idea is for your laptop to have a snug fit that is loose enough to fit the laptop while being tight enough that your device isn’t sliding around in the sleeve. 

    • What is the style?

      Beyond a proper fit, laptop sleeves range from rugged to sleek, with numerous variations in between. There are even multiple colours! With the wide range of options available, you’re sure to find something that fits your personal style while also being office appropriate.

    • Which laptop sleeve will serve my specific needs?

      As you refer back to the factors involved in whether a laptop sleeve is necessary, consider what your day is like. Do you want a sleeve you can tuck under your arm or in a larger bag, or do you need something with a shoulder strap for safe and hands-free carrying?

Keeping these notes in mind will help set you up for success as you explore for a protective laptop sleeve. We invite you to peruse our entire selection of laptop bags and cases to find the ideal fit for your device.

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