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July 31, 22

It’s tough to keep your workspace clean. No, not just tidy — clean. Even if your desk is organized, there are still plenty of microbes flourishing in the dust, nooks, and crannies that you might not be able to clean regularly.

One of the easiest ways to keep your workspace free of microbes is with antimicrobial accessories. An antimicrobial keyboard and mouse keeps these high-touch peripherals clean — and that’s important. Targus takes both clutter-reduction and antimicrobial design seriously. Let’s take a look at the wireless keyboards and mice that will eliminate cords and help against germs in your workspace!



As high-touch surfaces, keyboards become hubs of microbial growth. That’s why Targus infuses silver-based antimicrobial agents right into the materials of our DefenseGuard keyboards, so you have a peripheral with antimicrobial properties that never wear out in designs and form factors for everyone.

For those conscious about space or ergonomics, we have our compact bluetooth keyboard. This super slim keyboard features excellent portability and bluetooth connections to up to 3 devices simultaneously. And, if used with a mouse, its small form factor lets you use your mouse without forcing you to reach like full-size keyboards do — perfect for a clean workspace that’s easy to work in!

For even better ergonomics and portability, we have an ergonomic foldable keyboard. Even though it folds to the same size as a smartphone, it retains the split and tilted design ergonomic keyboards are known for. With a rechargeable battery, multi-device connectivity, and compatibility with most operating systemsOSes, this keyboard is a must for professionals on the go.

If you just want to revamp your workstation at home, that’s where our mid-size keyboard comes in. This compact design has all the features of a full-size without taking up as much space. And, with its wireless design, you’ll have a clean workspace free of both wires and microbes!



For maximum sanitary quality, every clean workspace needs both an antimicrobial keyboard and mouse. That’s why we made sure to design antimicrobial mice!

For the everyday user who wants a comfortable mouse, we have our midsize wireless mouse. This mouse features adjustable DPI and a natural fit in most hands.

If an ambidextrous mouse is needed, Targus has you covered. Our dual-mode wireless mouse can switch between both left-handed and right-handed layouts. It comes in a simple, minimalist pebble-shaped design for a no-fluff, all-utility experience in their clean workspace.

For professionals who need a mouse with more features, we have our BlueTrace wireless mouse. This mouse comes with 7 buttons to enhance its functionality. Alongside DefenseGuard, it also comes with BlueTrace technology, which allows this sleek mouse to have accurate tracking on almost any surface.


Antimicrobial Privacy Screen

Keeping your peripherals cleaner doesn’t need to be hard. All it takes is setting up a workstation with an antimicrobial keyboard and mouse built for lifelong antimicrobial protection. Plus, with wireless designs, these peripherals do more than just fight off microbes. They also reduce wires and clutter, so you can focus on the work you need to do with no distractions.

Explore our entire range of antimicrobial products to find the accessories right for you. We take pride in our tablet cases for both sleek looks and for the kids that are also DefenseGuard. Pair them with washable and disposable styli for microbe-free tablet use.

Have any questions about our products? Feel free to contact us. The team at Targus is happy to help however we can.

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