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The Best Backpacks for the Gym and Work

February 15, 22
The Best Backpacks for the Gym and Work

Looking to make the most of your day with a backpack that can handle your work and gym material? At Targus Asia, we have a variety of the best workout bags that double as both professional work bags and gym bags.

Are you a working professional with an active lifestyle? Take a look at our picks for the best backpacks for both the gym and work.

15-16” Work+™ Expandable 32L Daypack

Work+ Expandable 28L Daypack

First up is a bag from our all-new Work+ collection. The 15–16” Work+™ Expandable 32L Daypack is the ultimate powerhouse for carrying all your equipment, from your work laptop to gym gear. What makes this one of the best backpacks for the gym and work is its expandability. The pack opens up to allow for 32L worth of space to be filled inside. That’s enough room for devices, accessories, and a spare change of clothes. There’s even a dedicated special compartment just for your shoes! No more fumbling trying to balance gym supplies with work supplies. Now, it can all be carried at once.

Cypress 15.6” Convertible Backpack with EcoSmart®

Cypress Convertible Backpack

Next is the Cypress 15.6” Convertible Backpack with EcoSmart®. Built with convertibility in mind, this backpack can switch between a sleek briefcase and a regular backpack with only a few adjustments. This convertibility makes it one of the best backpacks for the gym and work. Tuck away the straps for a professional briefcase and pull them back out to get one of the best workout bags.

A bonus is that it’s constructed with EcoSmart®, our process that reuses re-polymerised plastic bottles for its materials. Not only is it great for the lifestyle of the active professional; it’s a great environmentally-conscious choice, too!

Targus Work + Play™ Fitness 15.6" Laptop Backpack - Grey

Targus Work + Play Fitness laptop backpack

Our final best backpack for the gym and work is the Targus Work + Play™ Fitness 15.6" Laptop Backpack. This is one of the best workout bags for commuters who need a full-featured backpack for work/life balance on the go. It has a three-compartment internal storage design that can fit large laptops, work accessories, and sports gear. It also comes with a detachable laundry bag for your gym clothes and a ventilated front compartment for shoes.

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