Four 4K UHD Display Monitors with a Chromebook

Four 4K UHD Display Monitors with a Chromebook

In the past, Thee DocKtor has been hesitant to recommend how to (even attempt to) render four 4K UHD monitors from a Chromebook™ as described in a previous blog post here. However, the latest generation of Chromebooks by Acer®, ASUS®, Dell™, Lenovo™, Samsung®, and of course, Google™ have convinced me otherwise.

As shown below, it is now possible to render four 4K UHD monitors at 60Hz from a single Targus universal docking station. This is possible utilizing the DOCK520 supporting four downstream facing HDMI ports. And, the DOCK570 can be used with any mix of four HDMI or DisplayPort monitor connections (including TVs).

Multiple Display Image | Targus


Both docks are USB-C Alternate Mode (including Thunderbolt™) compatible, but the DOCK570 can also provide Power Delivery to the host Chromebook over USB-C or utilizing a legacy (barrel) power tip connection. Everything needed is included with the DOCK570, which is available for purchase at


There is no need to worry about a slow WiFi connection with either dock. Both come with a “wire-speed” Gigabit Ethernet port, one USB-C and four USB STD-A 3.2 Gen 1 ports (one of which is BC1.2 for fast charging phones), a lock slot, and an audio jack. Since the DOCK570 and DOCK520 both support 4x4K using Chromebook, Windows® PC, Linux®, and MacBook®, they are perfect for mixed host platform applications.


Contact your Targus representative for more information, pricing, and availability. For Technical Support, please see the included User Guide or visit our Consultation Page here.

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