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Best Tech Gifts of 2021

November 25, 21
Best Tech Gifts of 2021

Once again, the holiday season is fast approaching. That means there’s one thing on everyone’s mind: finding the perfect present for everyone on their list. That’s always a challenge, but it can be especially difficult to find the right computer accessory gifts. There are a lot of tech products to choose from out there, which means an even larger headache for you as you try to hunt down the best tech gifts in 2021.

Targus is here to help! We’ve assembled some of the top accessories from our online store that are suitable as holiday gifts. Keep reading to make your holiday tech shopping a snap with our expert recommendations.


Universal Docking Station

Today, more people than ever before are opting to work from home. With a Universal Docking Station, you can help transform nearly any brand of laptop into a full desktop setup that’s ideal for a home workstation. And with the power of USB-C, these docking stations are compatible with almost all modern devices and only require a single connection for everything. Display, accessories, and power all work through the same station.

The versatility and utility of these make a docking station one of the best tech gifts in 2021.


Travel Bags of All Shapes and Styles

For the friend or loved one that’s always on the go, you can’t go wrong with this computer accessory gift. Everyone needs something to carry their laptop in; with our large collection, you have plenty of choices to fit your gift. Pick a stylish tote bag for someone who enjoys fashion. For someone who switches between casual and professional settings, a convertible backpack gives them the best of both. For someone concerned with protecting their belongings, go with a security backpack. Get a big “Wow!” from someone when they get their EcoSmart® bag and see that it’s made from recycled post-consumer water bottles. There are tons of great bags available, each one capable of being your best tech gift in 2021.


Travel-Ready USB-C Docks, Hubs, and Adapters

Devices, along with the number of ports on them, are shrinking, leaving you with fewer inputs to connect those necessary accessories and peripherals that keep you productive. Our new range of USB-C docks, hubs, and adapters are the perfect solution to expand those connections – in the office or on the go. Turn your device’s USB-C port into an HDMI or VGA output port with this compact single video docking station.

With this Christmas idea for mobile worker and students who need to simplify their studies, you’re offering an all-in-one accessory bundle which can be ready to display, connect, and import while on the move. 


Antimicrobial Products

Antimicrobial products are our newest arrivals that are expertly engineered for germ-combatting capability. Made from materials with built-in Targus DefenseGuard™ technology, an infused antimicrobial additive provides permanent protection, ensuring that your loved one gets a great tech accessory gift that neutralizes bacteria and viruses, and never wears or washes off.

The 15-17.3” 2 Office Antimicrobial Backpack is thoughtfully designed to carry and protect your work essentials. With its modular design, clamshell opening, smartly placed pockets, and antimicrobial protective finish, this backpack lets you carry more and worry less.

There’s no functionality compromised: you can get a great casekeyboardmouse, and backpack that are all guaranteed to keep microbes away. That DefenseGuard protection is what makes antimicrobial solutions one of the best tech gifts in 2021.


Many Other Great Choices

We’ve given you our top picks for the best computer accessory gifts for this year, but there are plenty more options waiting to be discovered on Targus.comSpecial casesprivacy screenspower adapters — the list goes on. Whatever specific tech accessory you’ve got your eye on, Targus is proud to help. Take a look across the site and see what catches your eye. Finding the best tech gifts in 2021 is going to be easy with help from Targus.


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