AC Automotive 200W power inverter with USB fast charging port (Titanium/Black)

Model Number: APV018

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  • Built-in over-current, over-temperature and surge protection
  • Includes a USB port (2.1A) for iPad®/tablets, smartphones, PDAs, MP3 players and other devices
  • Includes 1 AC plug supplying 220VC, with 200W of continuous power and 400W of peak power
  • Power up or charge up to 2 devices simultaneously
  • Fits into most standard cup holders
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The Targus AC Automotive 200W power inverter with USB fast charging port - Cup holder Style is designed for the mobile professional or recreational user. It provides a power source for most electrical devices in RVs, cars or boats. It is designed to conveniently fit into most standard cup holders. Simply plug the inverter into the cigarette lighter plug and power or charge up to 2 devices including notebooks, mobile/smart phones, PDAs, video consoles and many others. It features one 230V ± 20V AC plug, one USB port (2.1A). The APV018AP can deliver 200W of continuous and up to 400W of peak power. It is safe to use and features over-current, over-temperature and surge protection. The APV018AP is targeted for mobile professionals or recreational users looking for a power source that won’t take up a large amount of space.

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